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Sun To Flower are Liz Leng, Sarah Moule and Rachel Brown. In the mid 1990s they collaborated on this project.


Liz Leng

Liz Leng


Each has a distinct and beautiful singing voice. Liz is a brilliant lyricist and studio arranger and performer. Sarah's elegant soprano brings grace and beauty to whatever she sings. Rachael's power and soulfulness makes her a dynamic live performer.


Following Sun To Flower, each of them moved onto other successful projects and this is your only opportunity to hear them perform together. You can find Sarah at

Sun To Flower album

Fruit CD cover



Sun To Flower inject passion and emotion into these 10 electro-funk and swing productions. From the politically contemptuous Sing Us A Song to the aching ballad What The Heart Decides, this album is a tour-de-force.


Sarah Moule portrait

Sarah Moule

Track previews

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  1. Sing Us A Song

  2. Wide World

  3. My Pen

  4. East Of You

  5. Truth To Tell

  6. What They Want

  7. Sleep Comes Slowly

  8. Read To Me

  9. What The Heart Decides

  10. Love Is An Appetite We Need To Feed

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Sing Us A Song

Read To Me